For Counsellors and Therapists

Whatever your preferred theoretical modality, creative play and art techniques can be valuable additions to your professional toolkit.

Artwork and play are vital means of expression and effective communication. They can enhance emotional and psychological wellbeing, be effective forms of stress management and as a means of personal development.

Our courses are ideal for any professional working within a therapeutic capacity.

1. Art as Therapy

This one-day course reminds us how stress-relieving it can be to get lost in a doodle, alongside how much clients benefit from welcoming  creativity into the therapeutic space. Courses are tailored according to client-bases, such as individuals, couples, young people and families.  

CPD Certificates given

The course is experiential and requires no artistic ability! All materials are provided.

Course written by Jennifer Guest, author of The Art Activity Books for Therapeutic Work

2. Play as Therapy or Therapy as Play?

This course focuses on increasing confidence using play therapy techniques within practice. It reminds us how therapeutically beneficial it can be to integrate play into work with adult clients as well as children, young people, couples and families.

Play can be an effective form of communication and personal expression, and vital for many who are limited in expressing themselves verbally.

CPD certificates given

Course author: highly experienced therapist and trainer Ali Barcham

Ali is trained in Systemic and Psychodynamic theories, and delivers excellent quality  therapy to children, young people, families and couples. She's worked as a trainer for many years, offering a large range of therapeutic courses. 


Twitter  @creativecpds


"The most engaging training I have been on."

"Really enjoyed the day. It was thought provoking...It inspired me and gave me some different ways to work with my clients."

"Good varied ways of learning and experiencing."

"Relaxing, informative, explorative."

"The day was well presented and well paced"

"Thank you for such an enjoyable and useful experience."

"Interesting...really enjoyed the day....Thank you xx"

"The techniques used will be very useful when working with clients who struggle to express themselves."

"Excellent transferable skills"

"Practical, creative ideas. Well thought out."

"Gained confidence in implementlng a creative way-of-working."

"Learned a lot about myself. Very useful and helpful. Thank you for such an enlightening day!"

"Very inspiring."

"Lovely art experience. Friendly...Good handouts, enjoyable day"

"Liked the packs to go away with."

"Good balance of theory and practice."  

"Collaborative learning. New ideas for working creatively with clients."

"A lot of training crammed into the day, great time management. Thank you!"

"Gained a lot of self awareness as well as learning."

"Allowed time to be creative...feeling safe, well organised. Thank you!"

 "Wonderful resources and ideas." 

"Additional ways of working with clients."

"Well-paced teaching. Exercises really useful."

"New learning and thinking."

"Learned new techniques to use with clients beyond talking."

"The puppet-work was really powerful for expression."

"Lots of new ideas and perspectives for thinking about clients' worlds, new techniques."

"Some wonderful ideas/tools to use in my work."